“Roberto Mancini” who woke the team up to lift the championship

Considered to be a savior as a person who wakes up the team to wake up to lift the championship trophy continuously for “Mancho” Roberto Mancini. The Italy coach, the Euro 2020 championship set from the history of work in the football industry. 56-year-old coach who can lead the agency to wake up from slumber and return to success.

“Roberto Mancini” was the one who woke the team up to lift the championship trophy since they were players. By starting his football career with Bologna in 1980. But moved to fame with “La Samp” Sampdoria in 1982. When it was a football team that was just building itself to success. After the club was found in 194 he is one of the players of the “golden age” that has lifted many trophies.

Previously, the Italian football army had experienced periods of decline from when it did not show up at the 2018 World Cup, but Mancini has gradually taken steps to rebuild the team. Make home team have held the trophy Euro 2020 and has reverted back to the throne of Europe in the 53 years since the first championship Euro 1968 there has