“Beji-ta”, a single mother, Sexy

Sexy, not faint! “Beji-ta”, a single mother, fitness idol in the country of ginseng.

Still hot, unfading for Beji-Ta, a beautiful, cool, health-conscious South Korean woman with a unique identity. Until it can be called the only one in the industry that has it all.

By a girl with the same name as this famous Japanese cartoon character , she is a bodybuilder, fitness expert. and health food nutritionist Including being a presenter in the kimchi land of New Balance, a world-famous sports product brand. Beji

bae_jita has more than 1.7 hundred thousand followers on Instagram bae_jita. She also has a website. www.jitachon.com that provides advice on healthy food and distributes directly to your home That said, the order volume has collapsed.

The cool girl comes with an image that looks like a confident girl. Too aggressive for women and super short hair. It made her have many fans, both boys and girls.

however She has never clearly disclosed her sexual orientation. But it doesn’t hide that her status is now a single mother to her 6-year-old daughter as well.