Sutton sues FIFA if Senegal pushes Mane concussion

Mail Online columnist Chris Sutton believes Sadio Mane‘s side Liverpool have the right to block their players from playing ufabet for Senegal. In the quarter-finals of the African Cup of Nations this Sunday because they have to take care of brain concussion measures (Concussion) completely first.

Mane was knock out of the Round of 16 in a 2-0 win over Cape Verde with an eye-opening blow to his opponent. Even forced to stay on the field for 10 minutes, had to change to see the symptoms to the hospital Then update the symptoms that it is safe.  

Sutton’s opinion

However, in Sutton ‘s opinion , if doctors diagnose concussion, he must be out of competition for at least 5-7 days and pass the test to show no symptoms. But if forced into the field will have a long-term negative effect on life. Therefore, prompting the ‘ Reds ‘ to be serious about taking care of the welfare of the players themselves.

“ Mane ran with speed and then crashed into the opponent goalkeeper. therefore unable to hold himself back, took his face to measure the ground As a result, he was unable to lift his head and lay on the floor, ” the former Chelsea striker commented .  

“ The only necessity to avoid the suspicion of a player having a brain injury is to substitute. But then he was help up. So good that the staff said – You passed the concussion test. You can go on, son- ” 

“ By celebrating the goal scored then sit and check the symptoms and then change out because of brain concussion ”

“ It could be the selfish attitude of the Senegal national team. The African Football Federation , the FIFA or anyone else who has been involve in the situation from now on. If he’s still sent off for Sunday’s game. ” 

“ If Mane is involve, it proves that football cares more about results than the welfare of the players. It will be a true testament to the way footballers view brain injuries – absolutely worth watching. ” 

As for the movement from the Liverpool side , it is not reassuring for the medical team to contact the Senegal Football Federation to monitor progress. and believes in dealing with taking good care of the players.

However, it was suggest that the game against Equatorial Guinea (30 January ). Should not be sent in order to completely recover from concussion.