Lorenzo Insigne: the hottest man in the opening match

Although the Man of the Match award will fall to the player in the position of defender Leonardo Spinazzola, but the player who created a sensation among fans. Until it was mentioned in the aforementioned appointment Instead, he is a player with a height of only 163 centimeters, named Lorenzo Insigne, from the style of pulling, dribbling, dribbling, holding the ball tight, passing the ball well, and also being the one who closed the box for the team in 10 minutes. The last of the ufabet game too.

New Born Azzurri 

“It’s completely different from what it used to be. After failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, Italy can try anything they want. Because nothing can go any lower than that,” said Roberto Di Matteo after last night’s game over.

What Di Matteo has to say about the Italy national team is one of the most obvious answers to why Roberto Mancini dared to make the team play in a way they’ve never done in the past. They are not afraid to be different. because there is nothing to lose and this risk Comes with a modern football 4-3-3 playing system, that is, chasing opponents from the doorway on the opposite side. Play defensive games together as a team. And when the ball They will pass the ball forward as quickly as possible. 

Mancini is not just dare to try a new game system. But it is the courage to use the players at the edge of the line as the heart of the offensive game. And that job goes to Lorenzo Insigne, a 28-year-old winger from Napoli, who is only 163 centimeters tall. 

and the use of Incinye in the offensive game That makes Italy’s invasion game more aggressive than ever. It can be said that the era is close, deep defense and waiting for the counterattack to hit the head into the house by default. 

“I came in for the Italian national team with the worst and worst situation in 50 years and I thought it was time. That we have to do something different from what we used to do,” said Roberto Mancini.  

No. 10 in the wing position 

Owner of the number 10, the current Italian national team. He is a No. 10 player who is different from those who have worn the uniforms of the previous  Azzurri  teams, such as Roberto Baggio, Alessandro del Piero, Fran. Cesco Totti, Antonio Cassano and even playmaker Thiago Motta. Or the commander of the team, but In Xinye is a player in the position of the wing. 

Back in 2006. When they won the World Cup, Italy had always played with a 100% attacking free-line system like Insigne. Or if there were, nobody made a difference. And could call it that. that he is as important as he is.

To the credit for Insigne to such a prominence, thanks to Mancini once again, because he knew from the day he took over the national team that How to make a player who is only 163 centimeters tall, dangerous and has the most positive impact on the team by Mancini had mentioned in Xinye before this match that “You have to put him in the right place.” 

Obviously, what Mancini said is related to what happened in Italy’s 3-0 win over Turkey… Turkey went down to defend the whole area. And that has result in the smallest, most agile and technical best player in this team, In Xinye, to shine brightest. No one can easily get the ball off his feet. And he’s quick and witty enough to make decisions in a split second. It can be said that in an area crowd with competitors, this 163cm tall player. Important to them more than anyone. 

until today

To be able to wear the number 10 and be the heart of the team’s attacking game. In Xinye had to fight quite a bit of insults. ฺฺBeing a small person Causing him to be cut off opportunities to join various clubs since he was a child. And that was the memory he wanted to overcome. 

So far, he has made 484 appearances for Napoli, that could have achieved his goals. But at the start of Euro 2020, everyone will have to look at him again. And began to talk about the name of Lorenzo Insigne in a new way of positioning the number 10 that is ready to go beyond being an icon at club level only.