Euro 2020 semi-finals, Italy VS Spain

Azzurri “stretch or stop” unbeaten record

Euro 2020 semi-finals, at this moment, Italy have won 13 games in a row and have extend their unbeaten record in all competitions for 32 consecutive games. This is the longest consecutive unbeaten record in their history. 

For the last match that Italy had to taste the defeat. Have to go back to the game that invaded, losing 0-1 to Portugal in the UEFA Nations League in September. 2018 So let’s wait and see if Italy will break Khao Krating. And increase the record of unbeaten for a 33rd match or will be beaten by Spain to impose a defeat for the Italian footballer for the first time in almost three years

fighter meet fighter

In this Euro Cup, Spain is the team that penetrates the net the most opponents. After pressing 12 goals, Italy followed closely at 11 goals. In addition, both teams were the teams that create the most chances to score goals by Italy, not Italy, as many people know. After manager Roberto Mancini’s men create a total of 101 chances, Spain 95 in all five games at Euro 2020, averaging about 20 per match.

Morata VS Bonucci-Chiellini 

past work Maybe not that impressive Until being heavily criticize by fans to the extent that they threaten to attack, but this game Alvaro Morata may be the “key” of the fierce bull general. 

As you know Italy’s defensive line is solid. Under the command of Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini, the veteran centre-back from Juventus. But if there is a Spanish player who knows how to defeat these two defenders the most would be Morata as a Juventus team-mate. Which should be enough to know more or less

But at the same time, your partner Bonucci-Chiellini Should know the younger generation like Morata as well. So this is another highlight that is very interesting for tonight’s game.

spanish leash statistics

The last game they met was a 2018 World Cup qualifier, when Spain defeated Italy 3-0 in September. 2017 

And if back to the statistics that met in all items, the last 10 matches, Spain, the statistics are moderate. By being a side that has had up to 5 games, 3 draws and Italy won only 2 games. The last game that the Azzurri won over Spain is the Euro 2016 game. Which Italy won 2-0 on June 27, 2016 or about. 5 years ago.

2012 final rematch

However, one of the last 10 matches that the pair met was the Euro 2012 final in Ukraine, where “Fierce Bull” hit the Italian footballer with a 4-0 win over the European Championship.

For the players in the team that are still left to the current set, there are only Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba of the Spanish side. As for Italy, the remaining three shoots are center pair Giorgio Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci and goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu.

As for the orbit, meet again in the semi-finals of Euro 2020, “Fierce Bull” will revenge again or “Azzurri” will be able to revenge successfully…this work must be followed!!