Christensen, how to deal with Kane

Andreas Christensen, the Danish national team defender’s army “dairy cows” knew how to deal with striker Harry Kane England before the pair will meet in the playoffs for ufabet Euro 2020.

Christiansen, program coming to Denmark in the Euro 2020 finals, with England on 6 g. This is the game that many people thought Harry Kane spearhead England’s players Denmark. It should be out of sight after he just exploded in form alone, scoring two goals in Euro 2020 quarter-final defeat to Ukraine 4-0.

Despite his goalless start to the tournament, the Tottenham striker’s prowess is obvious to Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen. He believes the Danes may have an ace up their sleeve ahead of their Wembley contest in the shape of Kane’s Spurs team-mate Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg.

However, Chelsea centre-half Christiansen says Denmark has a way of dealing with Kane, as many of the squad have previously faced the forward in the Premier League. “We know his qualities. And everyone had an idea what we could do to stop him, and Pierre-Emil Hojberg knew him too. And possibly he can share something. Every footballer has his or her personality. And we have to take advantage of that.”

“Ken has good feet and is one of the best finishing players in football. he is very big So it’s hard to get into a fight. Besides that, he also has great pace. So you shouldn’t get too close,” said the 25-year-old.