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"Southgate" to protect his team

“Southgate” to protect his team

“England boss Gareth Southgate” came out to defend the team not to be blame. Ready to clarify the reason for choosing to cut off the penalty shootout by referring to the practice session. On July 12, 64 Gareth Southgate, manager of England national team. Out to protect

Chinese brands top Euro 2020 sponsorship

Chinese brands top Euro 2020 sponsorship

Chinese brands. Consumer electronics brand Hisense, financial transaction platform Alipay, global mobile phone brand Vivo  and  social media TikTok. A famous media that entertains the masses. while the other 5 main sponsors are brands of western countries Coca-Cola, Heineken, FedEx,, Qatar Airways, GAZPROM, Takeaway. com  and Volkswagen It is interesting to analyze why Chinese brands have