“Bri Teresi”, the sexy sports model

Get to know Bri Teresi, a young model and fitness guru. That has been praised by fans To be the sexy sport of the American sports industry. She having appear in FHM, GQ and Maxim, the

26-year-old model became more famous after she turned her attention to golf. and produce content about this sport As she told the New York Post, the famous media said:

“I noticed that a lot of people were more interested when I started posting golf-related content. Fans tend to comment more than regular bikini posts. I should have gained 200,000 to 300,000 more followers since then. And the clip has been viewed millions of times.”

“From sports stories. It gives me an edge over other models. I held a fan meeting event. in the Dominican Republic and met a lot of people because of golf.”

“It all came about with the idea of ​​Taylor Funk, a close friend of mine who is the son of Fred Funk, a former pro and eight-time PGA Tour champion, who suggested I try recording golf. Little clothes,” she said,

as soon as the clip was released. It became so viral that Canelo Alvarez and Hollywood actor Bill Murray Even had to come and watch and follow her. She also sprung sports podcast “Tag Team” to talk about it in sports circles

For Bri Teresi has graduated in Political Sciences. at San Jose State University where she is an honors student But now she has turned into a sporty model. with many photo shoots for many products While her Instagram followers have surpassed 1.3 million.