Very Delicious Eats In The World

Eating is always interesting to discuss, especially to enjoy. Many say that one of the activities which are activity-filled with pleasure is eating. Continuing to be a delicious meal that is eaten will definitely continue to satisfy the stomach and moreover, it can make the audience feel happy. This time the food is ok. com a little share some of the most delicious food in the world, it could be that you have enjoyed the very delicious food below.

Eating actually plays a role in filling and fulfilling nutritional needs, but modern citizens like today are looking for food not only to fill it up but also to shake the tongue and feel its pleasure. If you are a fan of fine dining, you should recognize the very delicious food in an already very popular world. In fact, one of the most delicious dishes in the world belongs to Indonesia. Immediately, we ingredients 10 of the most delicious dishes in the world.

1. Rendang

A very delicious meal in the World which was originally Rendang, rendang enters as one of the most delicious dishes to world-class. This one meal deserves to be proud of by Indonesians because many of the citizens outside the country recognize its enjoyment.

Rendang is a dish made from the basic ingredients of long-cooked beef with special spices so that the results are soft and the seasonings are very felt. Indonesian citizens can make this meal like a special menu even though it comes from the field. For Balinese people, the typical Balinese dish in the form of a Betutu duck is the most delicious meal in the area, because there this dish is the favorite and is highly sought after by tourists.

2. Fried rice

The next dish that also enters like one of the most delicious dishes in the world that still comes from Indonesia is fried rice. Indonesians must be very familiar with this one meal. It is so delicious. fried rice is straightforward to find because it is widely sold in many regions in Indonesia.

The connoisseurs have admitted that fried rice has a delicious and delicious taste, especially with the bonus of meat and eggs. You must also agree that fried rice is the most delicious food not only in Indonesia but in the world.

3. Sushi

The next meal is sushi. This dish comes from the Japanese cherry country. This dish is listed as the most delicious meal because it has a unique taste with raw fish as a base. This food potion is also so captivating that it is easy to arouse the appetite of the audience. In fact, there are several types of sushi that you can find in Japan and each one has its own uniqueness and taste. If you visit Japan, it is definitely not complete without enjoying sushi.

4. Tom yam

Tom yam goong from Thailand is also one of the most delicious dishes. This meal is so delicious because it consists of various kinds of seafood such as fish, shrimp, and crab. The sauce from Tom Yam Goong is very thick with a savory and spicy taste. Tom yam will continue to be delicious when enjoyed warm or hot. You can taste the delights of this meal yourself when you are located in Thailand.

5. Pad thai

In the CNN survey, this dish which is often said to be pad thai has also become an idol of many fans. This dish is very delicious because it is made from the basic ingredients of fried noodles and after that it is cooked with vegetables. The thing that makes these noodles so special is the pasta sauce which tastes a little sour. This meal will be very delicious enjoyed during a warm afternoon. You want to feel lucky to have tasted this dish when you visit Thailand.

6. Som tam

Thailand is indeed a paradise from a variety of delicious food. This third dish from Thailand has also successfully entered as one of the most delicious dishes in the world. When viewed from the presentation, this dish is very similar to the papaya salad. This dish is very popular because it has a spicy and sour sauce. The ingredients used to make the broth are tamarind fruit, lime, pure sugar paste, fish sauce, garlic, and chilies. The main ingredients are shaved young papaya, long beans, tomatoes, and fried shrimp. You can imagine for yourself how fresh this meal is.

7. Dim sum

This dish, which is often said to be like dim sum, is also very popular for its deliciousness. Generally, dim sum is sold in large restaurants located in 5-star hotels or moreover, it can also be found in roadside dining stalls. This meal is in boxes and is to be enjoyed using chopsticks. Enjoying dim sum will be very fitting if it is equipped with delicious and delicious rice porridge.

8. Ramen

A dish from Japan that is often pronounced like ramen is a very popular dish in many countries around the world. The taste of ramen is also very special because it has many extraordinary accessories. You can enjoy ramen at a Japanese restaurant. This method of eating noodles by wearing chopsticks and sipping with pleasure so that the sound continues to make anyone want to try it too. Ramen sauce is also what makes ramen noodles successfully occupy the ladder of the world’s 10 most delicious dishes.

9. Peking duck

China also has a distinctive cuisine and is also considered one of the 10 most delicious dishes in the world. You can try to taste Chinese specialties which are often said to be Peking duck. This dish is made from a duck that is cooked using a roasting method over low heat. When grilling, the aroma from the duck will be very pronounced. When cooked, the duck meat is cut into small pieces and enjoyed using a special salty sauce. If in Sunda it is popular with Bakakak Hayam where the chicken is burnt and given special spices like a typical Sundanese meal.

10. Massaman curry

Thailand is still one of the countries that have very delicious food. The next dish which is also very popular in the world is massaman curry. This dish is very delicious because it has thick coconut milk with a spicy taste and a mixture of other flavors.

In Thailand, the practical package of spices is very easy to find and tastes the same as the packaging that is cooked in a restaurant. So if you are lazy to buy it at a restaurant, you can make it yourself using practical market spices. You can find a formula for making massaman curry and after that use seasoning bought in the market. This delicious meal was the result of a survey from many people from various countries in the world and after that, it was publicized by the media

By identifying the 10 most delicious dishes in the next world you can start traveling around various countries so you can create delicious meals there. We must be proud because of the many dishes that are available in the world, our rendang and fried rice are among those that are popular with outsiders, making them the world’s tastiest food. A delicious meal will be able to change a bad mood for the better. If you are happy tasting delicious food, a culinary tour to Thailand would be very suitable to try.

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