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Home Paint Colour
Home Paint Colour

Are you a bit overwhelmed when choosing a good home paint colour for your house? Take it easy! It’s not only you who experience it. Almost everyone encounters the same hardships with a good house paint color. In choosing a good house paint style, there are definitely various aspects that need to be examined, starting from the basic wall paint mixture, room type, and furniture style that supports the area of the room to be selected for the house paint color. Therefore, you need consideration when choosing a good house paint color. Especially if this is the first time you build a house. Whether or not the use of good house paint patterns is suitable for your home also depends on your taste, you know! It is not obligatory to be regulated by the use of standard paint that is commonly used in homes universally. If you have other inspirations related to choosing a good house paint color, don’t hesitate to apply it to your private home!

For that, below Kania would like to provide 10 guidelines for choosing a good home paint color, direct from Barbara Jacobs, the owner of an interior design industry in California that is engaged in design and pattern selection!

1. Starting from a small area make a nice home paint colour

If you still don’t believe in a good home paint colour pattern for your choice, try it first in one of the rooms with a wall area that is not very large; it can be the bathroom, the hallway wall between the rooms, or the wall that the cubicle wallpaper wants to cover. Selection of zones that are easy to see, so you can see the results as easily and as early as possible. The method is very easy, selecting basic patterns that are in line with the property motifs and the existing furniture. The point is, to increase the accent of the beauty of the room.

2. Selection of good home paint colour patterns comes from the mood

When thinking about a good home paint colour for your dream place, consider the atmosphere of the room. of course, the atmosphere of the bedroom will be different from the atmosphere of the living room. You want to try the atmosphere of the bedroom to be cooler and increase your feeling of wanting to rest. Soft motifs will generally be selected for that. Do you understand, choosing the wrong paint in your bedroom can make you sleep badly?

Or do you want to design your dining room to be more formal and warmer? You can choose motives that support it, such as neutral motifs or shades of blue and dark green.

3. Pay attention to the lighting for a good house paint pattern

Before buying a can of paint, the paint seller will want to display lightboxes to test the paint hue you have selected. The point is to display the original color of the paint in a natural state. Not only that, there are 2 guidelines on lighting in your home. The incandescent light aims to accentuate warm motifs and yellow hues, while the fluorescent light will create a blue tone. As a result, choosing a suitable lamp is very meaningful for the given nuances.

4. Learn the meanings of patterns for a good house paint color

This subject really helps in choosing a good house paint color for you. Here are some of the terminology used in narrating a feature:

Hue is a term for a hue. Red is a hue, blue is a hue. The hue value depends on how bright or how black the hue is

Saturation refers to how dominant the hue of a pattern is. The seriousness of patterns is what you need to pay attention to, do you like to mix patterns to produce gradations, or just want to highlight the nuances of one pattern?

5. Test the pattern of your choice to display a nice home paint color

Increase your confidence by testing the pattern on the poster board on one of the walls of your house which has a large zone. Consider solid motifs, sharp or soft prints, unusual neutrals like brown or olive green as the main accents. Choosing a good house paint color is not difficult if you know the theme you want to use.

6. Add depth impact with eye-catching makeup

Wall and room texture is the key to this method. with the impact of depth, the room should appear larger. You can sort out the options

of bright motifs and certain patterns such as bronze, silver, or gold hues. Also, mix and match the decor in the house and suitable furniture to create a nice house paint color.

7. Consider a good comparison of home paint patterns between rooms

Your house is not just one room. You are obliged to sort out a good house paint pattern for each room. Not only good, certainly harmony is a matter of significance to observe. Each room must have a balanced composition to support each space. This harmony can be obtained from the style of the furniture, make-up such as carpet and cubicle decoration, and the right lighting. Choosing the right paint color can make your mood happier, you know!

8. Check out the pattern circle for a nice house paint hue

Have you ever looked at the roundabout pattern? This is what professional room designers use in sorting out mixes of more than 2 shades. For example, the contrasting color of red and green is a dark-light combination. Aided by the round pattern, the two patterns are able to come together and create a nice home paint hue.

9. Mixing and matching monochromatic schemes is like a great house paint color option for you

Are you bored if you only use one pattern of paint? These points also make for great house paint hues! Make bonus alterations in a palette of shades with a finishing method using contrasting paints. You want to create a matching monochromatic pattern. Also adjust the decoration style, such as table lamps and paintings in the inspiration above.

10. Create a nice house paint pattern, choose a different paint finishing style!

The use of paint patterns for different finishes will bring significant results for creating a nice home paint hue. For example, the walls and dividing lines have the same hue, but use a matte pattern like finishing on the walls and satin motifs on the dividing lines.

Mix & amp; the match is one of the keys to creating a good home paint color, although some house paint experts say it is different. Lots of blends that you can work with to give your house color! Use your intuition in sorting out the patterns that suit your personality. The same applies to makeup, you know!

Hopefully, this post can help you sort out a good house paint color, huh!

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